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  • Loverbux

    Enjoy our brand new and exclusive Loverbux

    An in-game currency that is used to purchase exclusive and unique items with features you can only find on the LoverFella Server!
    Opens up features that will give you more of a fun and exciting game experience on the server, and offer lots more perks for a more player based feel game!

    With this you can treat yourself and friends if you choose to! with no expirey and global service!
    Meaning you can buy and use the Loverbux on any server at any time!

    1,000 Loverbux
    10.00 USD
    2,500 + 1 Bitter Crate Key!
    25.00 USD
    4,000 + 1 Savory & Bitter Crate Key!
    40.00 USD
    10,000 + 4 Savory Crate Keys!
    100.00 USD