TASTEBUD (Survival)


Package Description


/back - go back to the place where you died/were last at!
/craft - open up a crafting table anywhere!

/nick - Change your nickname in chat! Do not abuse.

/kit tastebud
Mine spawners with any pickaxe (even without silk touch)!

3 set homes - /sethome {name}

/bal {player}
/clearinventory - be careful
Don't lose EXP on death
18 Trust player limit in Claims
3 Free Player Vault Slots
Permanent 3% discount on all Player Vault Slots
World Reset Cooldown: 2 Spawners, 2 Dragon Heads, 4 Shulker Kills per 18 hours
- Queue Priority - If the server is full, you jump ahead of the queue to join more quickly
Ability to create up to 6 Chest Shops using [Shop]
Ability to create a [Remote] Chest Shop up to 60 blocks away from the [Supplier] Chest Shop