LICKER (Survival)


Package Description


+ perks from Tastebud & Spitball & Slobber & Slurp & Gobble
Disguises (/d) : Polar BearSnowmanWither SkeletonIron GolemBoatMinecartZombie HorseSkeleton HorseTurtleDrownedPhantomDolphin
/kit licker
No /rtp cooldown
/skull {player} - Get any player's head
Access to all /heads for free!
/nick Magic! Use Magic in your nickname! +unlimited
Create signs with Magic! (&k)
Safe-login flight - If you are in the air when you login, you won't fall to your death!
No 15 minute [item] cooldown - do not abuse
20 set homes - /sethome {name}
10 Items listed in the Auction House at once
/ascend and /descend
/speed – walk and fly – allows for the user to change their speed level up to 3
/repair – repairs damaged items as long as they have the materials for it
/freerune – Gives 4 custom enchant runes
/top - Get to the top of the land
45 Trust player limit in Claims
30 Free Player Vault Slots
World Reset Cooldown: 7 Spawners, 7 Dragon Heads, 14 Shulker Kills per 18 hours
Permanent 25% discount on all Player Vault Slots
Ability to create up to 20 Chest Shops using [Shop]
Ability to create a [Remote] Chest Shop up to 200 blocks away from the [Supplier] Chest Shop
Exempt from /ah tax
Lickers are able to right click shulkers from their inventory to open them
Lickers are able to enable or disable a notification to let other players know they have joined the server!