GOBBLE (Survival)


Package Description


+ perks from Tastebud & Spitball & Slobber & Slurp
Disguises (/d) : Pig ZombieHuskCreeperParrotHorseDonkeyLlamaBlazeEndermanStrayVillagerWitchGuardianElder GuardianSquid
/kit gobble
/heads - Access to 25k+ decorative skulls
/fly - FLY! You can't in PvP though. Keeping it fair :)
15 set homes - /sethome {name}
/warp biome [name]
5 minute /rtp cooldown
/freerune – Gives 3 custom enchant runes
36 Trust player limit in Claims
20 Free Player Vault Slots
World Reset Cooldown: 6 Spawners, 6 Dragon Heads, 12 Shulker Kills per 18 hours
Permanent 20% discount on all Player Vault Slots
Ability to create up to 15 Chest Shops using [Shop]
Ability to create a [Remote] Chest Shop up to 150 blocks away from the [Supplier] Chest Shop