SLOBBER (Survival)


Package Description


+ perks from Tastebud & Spitball
/near - View the players around. you
/nick Colors! Add colors to your nickname in chat!
/seen {player}
/kit slobber
15 minute /rtp cooldown
/ce – open up custom enchants without needing to warp to spawn
Create signs with Color! (&0-9,a-f)
8 set homes - /sethome {name}
27 Trust player limit in Claims
10 Free Player Vault Slots
World Reset Cooldown: 4 Spawners, 4 Dragon Heads, 8 Shulker Kills per 18 hours
Permanent 10% discount on all Player Vault Slots
Ability to create up to 10 Chest Shops using [Shop]
Ability to create a [Remote] Chest Shop up to 100 blocks away from the [Supplier] Chest Shop