SLURP (Survival)


Package Description


+ perks from Tastebud & Spitball & Slobber
Disguises (/d) : ChickenPigCowSheepMooshroomOcelotWolfZombieSkeletonSpider
/undis - Remove disguise
/heal - Heal yourself! Has a short Cooldown.
/elytra - Get a boost up in the air to start using your elytra
/nick Format! Add format such as Bold and Italic letters to your nickname in chat!
/kit slurp
/anvil - opens up an anvil anywhere!
10 minute /rtp cooldown
Rename items with colors and format in Anvils
Create signs with Format! (&l, m, n, o)
6 Items listed in the Auction House at once
10 set homes - /sethome {name}
/shop & /sell - Access the spawn shops from anywhere
/freerune – Gives 2 custom enchant runes
Block Intruders from entering your claim
15 Free Player Vault Slots
World Reset Cooldown: 5 Spawners, 5 Dragon Heads, 10 Shulker Kills per 18 hours
Permanent 15% discount on all Player Vault Slots
Ability to create up to 12 Chest Shops using [Shop]
Ability to create a [Remote] Chest Shop up to 120 blocks away from the [Supplier] Chest Shop