SPITBALL (Skyblock)


Package Description


/back - go back to the place where you died/were last at!
/craft - open up a crafting table anywhere!
/nick - Change your nickname in chat! Do not abuse.

/kit tastebud
Mine spawners with any pickaxe (even without silk touch)!
3 Items listed in the Auction House at once
3 set homes - /sethome {name}
- Queue Priority - If the server is full, you jump ahead of the queue to join more quickly

+ perks from Tastebud
/hat - put any block on your head!
/enderchest - open up an Enderchest anywhere!
/feed - Hungry? Get  fed instantly! Has a shot Cooldown.

/kit spitball
/enchanttable – opens up the enchantment table
5 set homes - /sethome {name}

8 Chest Shop Limit
Name your Islands

+ perks from Tastebud & Spitball
/near - View the players around. you
/nick Colors! Add colors to your nickname in chat!

/kit slobber
/seen {player} - Check a players activity
/ce – open up custom enchants without needing to warp to spawn
Create signs with Color! (&0-9,a-f)
5 Items listed in the Auction House at once
8 set homes - /sethome {name}

10 Chest Shop Limit

+ perks from Tastebud & Spitball & Slobber
Disguises (/d) : ChickenPigCowSheepMooshroomOcelotWolfZombieSkeletonSpider
/heal - Heal yourself! Has a short Cooldown.
/trails - All trails! (except wings)
/nick Format! Add fomat such as Bold and Italic letters to your nickname in chat!

/kit slurp
/anvil - opens up an Anvil anywhere!

Rename items with colors and format in Anvils
Create signs with Format! (&l, m, n, o)

/freerune – Gives 2 custom enchant runes
6 Items listed in the Auction House at once
15 set homes - /sethome {name}

+ perks from Tastebud & Spitball & Slobber & Slurp
Disguises (/d) : Pig ZombieHuskCreeperParrotHorseDonkeyLlamaBlazeEndermanStrayVillagerWitchGuardianElder GuardianSquid
/kit gobble
/heads - Access to 25k+ decorative skulls 
/fly - FLY! You can't in PvP though. Keeping it fair :)

/elytra – Elytra Jet {Hold shift while flying with Elytra)
/freerune – Gives 3 custom enchant runes
15 set homes - /sethome {name}

20 Chest Shop Limit

+ perks from Tastebud & Spitball & Slobber & Slurp & Gobble
Increased View Distance (6 instead of default of 4)
Disguises (/d) : Polar BearSnowmanWither SkeletonIron GolemBoatMinecartZombie HorseSkeleton HorseTurtleDrownedPhantomDolphin
/kit licker
/trails - ALL Trails + WINGS!

/skull {player} - Get any player's head
/ascend and /descend
/speed – walk and fly – allows for the user to change their speed level up to 3
/repair – repairs damaged items as long as they have the materials for it
/freerune – Gives 4 custom enchant runes
/top – Get to the top of an island
/elytra – Elytra Jet Particle Trails
Access to all /heads for free!
Create signs with Magic! (&k)
Safe-login flight - If you are in the air when you login, you won't fall to your death!
Bypass Auction House Tax

No 10 minute [item] cooldown - do not abuse
20 set homes - /sethome {name}

30 Chest Shop Limit